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Middendorf BreathWork by Steve Savage, M.S., CMT,
Certified Middendorf Breath Practitioner

Steve Savage, Breathwork
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Breath is the only bodily function that is guided and controlled by both conscious and unconscious processes. We may manipulate our breath, by holding it, breathing deeply, whistling, singing or talking, but the breath also continues without our conscious control throughout our lives, from the very first breath we take as infants to the very last exhalation as we finally let go of this physical form.

Middendorf BreathWork explores the interaction between the conscious and the unconscious by working with the breath in its completely natural state. We observe the breath as it comes and goes on its own, without interference and without manipulation. The breath becomes our teacher and our guide. It can tell us when we are experiencing stress or fatigue even when the rest of our bodies may be functioning efficiently (and “unconsciously”). Our work is about bringing the sensation of the movement of breath into consciousness and exploring the ways in which this awareness can help us to deal with the pressures, the routine and the joys of everyday life. It can help with emotional issues like anxiety and stress, and it has been clinically proven to relieve pain by allowing the breath to find its own natural path through the entire body. The work takes two basic forms, outlined below: Breath Massage, a nurturing, supportive and non-intrusive form of bodywork; and Breath, Movement and Voice Classes, which explore the same principles in a more active and dynamic way, developing tools and techniques which students may then take with them into their daily lives. Steve has also developed a series of exercise classes based on these same principles, all taught under the general heading of Conscious Running.


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