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More than 20 years to focus on cutting、cross-cutting equipment

Customer-centric, to develop file for each machine factory, the customer need to replace parts (provided the user to take pictures or video), "Gaobao" will be provided with the fastest speed. Provide one-year service warranty and lifetime maintenance.

Warranty: Products from the date of commissioning qualified from one year warranty.

Commissioning services: Product arrived on site, sent by our technical staff and meet customer installation, commissioning, and training of the customer operations and maintenance personnel. After acceptance by the customer to sign before leaving the customer unit.

Training Services: If the customer sent to the Division I propose training, we will arrange for a comprehensive technical training personnel training period is generally one week.

(1) normal operating procedures for equipment training.

(2) knowledge of routine maintenance on equipment training.

(3) Introduction of the equipment and service solutions for training.

(4) Introduction of the equipment service and contact information were told.

National 24-hour telephone counseling service hotline sale.

Emergency equipment malfunction video solutions. (Need user-supplied video systems and equipment) by our technicians analyze problems and to guide customers to the video technician aspects together to solve the problems encountered.

Providing online FAQ.

Lifetime Service: warranty expires, we will provide life-long service to all customers on a regular basis to provide equipment upgrades and maintenance services.

Archives Service: After execution of the contract, we will provide customers with the establishment of archives, archives, including the sale, the technical parameters, MO, commissioning acceptance of a single report, the relevant technical drawings.

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