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Breath Massage

Breath Massage is a direct, one-on-one application of the principles of The Infinite Breath in a relaxing, grounding, energizing form of bodywork which puts the client directly in touch with his or her own power: the power to heal, the power to grow, the power to breathe freely and naturally. The key to this work is the sensation of the movement of breath in the body, and the Breath Massage is the most direct way to experience this completely natural process.



Breath Massage sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual client.


Experience the growth and personal transformation that can come with full awareness of the movement of breath through the body.



The latest version of my Breath Massage, the Chair Massage

Breath Massage is available at the rate of $65 per one-hour session or $275 for a series of 5 sessions.
An introductory session is currently being offered at $35 for one-half hour.

Please call Steve to make an appointment:
(415) 568-1151