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What is Middendorf breathwork?

Steve Savage, Infinite Breath
The Infinite Breath is based on the work of Ilse Middendorf of Berlin, Germany, which she called The Experience of Breath, or The Perceptible Breath (Der erfahrbare Atem, in German) and was originally developed in the 40's and 50's as a way of freeing the breathing patterns of athletes, actors, singers and other performers, allowing them to get in touch with their inner essence and the healing power that we all carry within us. Classes include a few moments of sensing the breath and connecting with the body, followwed by stretching and simple "exercises" designed to enhance our awareness of the breath and its free movement through our bodies. The Infinite Breath is also taught in one-on-one breath massage sessions, originally called "breath dialogue" by Ilse Middendorf to indicate that the client is not merely a passive recipient of the work but an active collaborator in our explorations of the healinng power of the breath.
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